Welcome to Casey's House, Inc.

Casey's House is home to many of the elderly and hard to adopt cats in our region. We are dedicated to the promotion of Trap-Neuter-Return to help end the plight of feral and other abandoned cats!

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Spay/Neuter Information

The costs are $88 for spay and $78 for neuter. Please visit our Upcoming Events page for upcoming spay/neuter dates. Please note, we are no longer doing monthly transports but rather are going once in late Fall (around Thanksgiving), once in late spring (around Easter), and once or twice in the summer. With that said, if you have a large amount of cats that you wish to get done, we are willing to help with the cost and transportation to the clinic but you must commit to either keeping the cats or finding homes as we no longer do adoptions. Please e-mail info@caseyshouse.org for more information.