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December 3, 2010

Dear Friend of Caseys House,

As I write this final newsletter for 2010, I am thinking about all the hurdles that we, with the help of good friends like you, have overcome this year.

Due to the downturn of the economy it has been a difficult twelve month. I can not tell you how many times I woke up wondering how I was going to cover the vet bill for the last round of
immunizations or the gas for the upcoming trip to the spay/neuter clinic just to find a check in the mailbox for the exact amount needed! Your help this year has allowed us to continue to care for almost 60 cats in need of sanctuary and to spay/neuter 131! Thank-you!

I ask for your help again, in this season of giving please remember our felines! We need your help both for our sanctuary cats and for the ones still out there that need to be spay/neutered.

You can support Caseys House in a variety of ways:

         Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the enclosed donation form or through our paypal account, a link to which is on our website, via our donation page.

         igive is an online shopping portal that donates a portion of your purchase to Caseys House if you click on the Shop Online Through IGive line found on our donation page at our website

         We are collecting aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 5PM) or any time to our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

We look forward to the upcoming year and know with help from our wonderful supporters, that we will be able to continue our low cost spay/neuter program and to provide sanctuary for many of the old and hard to adopt cats in our region.

Together we can make this world a better place for all our feline friends! Thank-you for your support!


Cindy Ingram
Caseys House, Inc.

PS: For those of you who give through the United Way, we are in the process of combining efforts with the Animal Welfare Fund. Information on this will be posted on our website as soon as


  Come Join us at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
for our second annual
Blessing of the Animals (Rain or Shine)
27 Good Shepherd Road
Pine Grove, VA
October 2, 2010  10AM-3PM
Blessing at 10:00 AM
Lunch Served at 11:30 AM
Rabies Clinic at 12:00PM (just $10 per shot!)
Sponsors include:
Good Shepherd Church
Barbara Zittrer (Local Artist)
Casey's House (We have kittens for adoption)
Various donated items for Sale: Art Work, Animal Figurines, and the like.  All sponsors have animal or Saint Francis related ware for sell as well.
We Have more spots available for more sponsors!!  Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more info!!


Dear Friend of Caseys House,

As we focus on a region-wide spay/neuter program, this has been a very busy year for us at Caseys House. We are collaborating with several other local rescue groups as we strive to perfect this very important community service. We want to be able to provide transportation on a regular bi-weekly basis, and your tax-deductible donations will help us achieve this goal and spare so many feral and abandoned cats from a life of starvation and misery.

Our sanctuary remains full to capacity with old and hard-to-place cats, each one special in its own way! These cats require annual shots and medical care as well as daily food, water, and litter box maintenance. Donations made to the sanctuary cats will go exclusively for these purposes.

 * Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the enclosed donation form or through our paypal account; a link is on our website, via our donation page.

 * igive is an online shopping portal that donates a portion of your purchase to Caseys House if you click on our icon found on our donation page at our website

 * We are collecting aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 5PM) or any time to our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

Together we can make this world a better place for all our feline friends! Thank-you for your support!

Cindy Ingram
Caseys House, Inc.

PS: Get a spay/neuter T-Shirt as a reminder to your friend and neighbors
to spay/neuter their feline friends! T-shirt is our thank-you gift
for donations of $50 or more!

Apr 27, 2010

Casey's House will be at the Reston Pet Fiesta
Saturday, May 1, 2010
10:00am - 4:00pm
Reston Town Center
Reston, VA

click here for a view of our new T-Shirt!
Dear Friend of Casey's House,

Pet Fiesta Casey's House will be at the 2010 Reston Pet Fiesta!  The Pet Fiesta is an outdoor festival bringing together local businesses, animal rescue groups and pet owners for an exciting day of interactive activities, demonstrations, exhibitions and animals galore. Meet dozens of animals looking for their forever home and then check out the latest in pet products. The kids will enjoy on-stage entertainment, face painting and caricature artists. Gather the kids and join us for a great spring day of pets and fun for the whole family!  For more information about the Pet Fiesta, click here.

Come visit our booth where we will have cats for adoption, our new fabulous "Spay your Feline Friend" T-Shirts, and Petfinder water bottles!  All proceeds will benefit our hard to adopt cats and our growing spay/neuter program!
Please also visit the booth next to ours sponsored by Buckley's Story, personalized copies of Buckley's Story and raffle tickets to win a fabulous kitty gift basket provided by Whimsy Cats will be available at Buckley's Story's booth, all proceeds from the raffle will go to Casey's House

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Pet Fiesta!

With warm regards to you and your furry family members,
Casey's House

Mar 19, 2010

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
This is a very sad day for me.  On my lap is my beloved Cindi Lou in a peaceful state of semi-consciousness, she is about 18 years old and she is my last known descendant of Casey and Eeyore the matriarch and patriarch of the cat colony that got me into the cat rescue business.  Their images are on my van and bring me calls and emails for spaying and neutering which is a good legacy for them.  It pleases me greatly.
My first encounter with Cindi Lou I believe to be quite some time ago, spring of 2000 I believe.  My husband and I had gotten back very late from one of his many trip to the hospital in Washington, DC where he was being treated for Leukemia.  My daughter had just let Betsy, our miniature pointer, out in our fenced in back yard to relieve herself when I heard Betsy going wild-she was obviously going after something.  A few days before I had seen her chase down and instantaneously kill a squirrel so I feared for whatever she was after as well as her in case it turned out to be more than she could handle!  I screamed out to my daughter to get the flash light as I ran towards the source of the barking.  It turned out that Betsy had cornered a small white cat.  By the time we had Betsy under control our neighbor in his typical drunken state came out demanding to know what all the "hollering" was about.  I stupidly asked him if he had a white cat.  This was a very stupid question as he had about two dozen white cats along with about another 20 or so.  I had only gotten a glimpse of that white cat but I saw enough.  Paw out, teeth bared-small as she was she was ready to take on this ornery dog!
When those neighbors up and left their forty plus cats I do believe that Cindi Lou was the white cat that we took in.  The neighbor had named her "Cindy" and knowing them as I did this only made my suspicion that this was the same cat that much stronger.  Cindi Lou was a contradiction in every sense of the word.  She literally spent her first year under my couch to the point that that was where we put her food, water, and litter box!  Yet as shy and timid as she was to us she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to a dog or cat that needed to be taught a lesson!  I will never forget the time I saw her furiously going after Rowdy under the couch, Rowdy looking at me as much to say "Mommy get me out of here, tell her I'm sorry!".  Oh how we laughed being that Rowdy had a good ten pounds on Cindi Lou!
So what am I going to do for Cindi Lou?  I started a sanctuary for Casey, a spay/neuter run for Eeyore, what is left for my Cindi Lou?  I do not know right now, right now I am here to watch over her-to comfort and to tell her to go ahead and let go, it's alright.  There is no question that She, along with Casey and Eeyore will be among the first of cats to greet me when my time for heaven comes.
It is tax season, a time for me to make the money my family and cats need and yet I find myself wishing that I could forget all about inputting people's financial information into their various bookkeeping programs and am even less interested in their taxes.  But life must go on, I must continue, and the word about spay/neuter for cats and the availability of low cost spay/neuter must get out!  I have been given permission to set up a table on a Friday at a local bank in Purcellville, we will do that.  We will have our literature but I also want to have T-shirts.  These T-shirts will be meant to promote spay/neuter in general and to provide information about our low cost program as well as information about Virginia Federation of Humane Societies' data base that provides state wide information on low cost spay/neuter.  I am asking for your help with this project.  If you are artistically inclined-please help me design this shirt.  If you have contacts for custom designed T-shirts at a good price please hook me up.  If you are a good sales person, please help me sell these shirts-I want no excuses from anyone in Virginia for not getting their cat spay or neutered!  No more do I want to hear "oh if I only knew about you a few years ago....".  Every one must know that they not only need to get their cat spay/neutered but that they can afford to do so!
If you can help me with this worthy cause please respond to this email.  Please remember too, with this deep recession Casey's House needs your financial support now more than ever.  Please help me remember Cindy Lou, you can make a donation in her name at our Donation Page.
Thank-you and you will hear more as this project progresses.
Cindy Lee Sauer Ingram proud mommy of Cindi Lou Ingram 

Dec 26, 2009

Eloise's and her family have adopted several cats from Casey's House and young Eloise loves to write about them all.  Goliath, their first Casey's House cat was featured in Eloise's first book which I also highly recommend.  Her current book "Queen of Day, Queen of Night" is the story of the life and death of her beloved Mrs. Gaines.  Truly an act of love from an exceptional child!  I highly recommend it for cat lovers of all ages!  Her release can be found below.  A link can also be found on our website on our new "Best Reading" page. 


Whiston Spirn Publications is proud to announce the launch of Eloise Tuell's
latest book, Queen of Day, Queen of Night: The History of Mrs. Gaines, in time
for Christmas. Eagerly awaited by all fans of the author's first book (Meet Our
Cats, Blurb 2008), the sequel features the extraordinary cat and Queen, Mrs.
Gaines. This story of life and death, of mousy adventures and successors to the
throne, chronicles the life of Mrs. Gaines and sets the scene for future volumes
in the series. A tribute to Mrs. Gaines and a product of the love she
engendered, this heart-warming book will appeal to cat lovers of all ages and to
anyone whose heart can be moved by the inspiring story of this beloved pet.

It's a book release, and you're invited -- check out my new book at Blurb:

December 4, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey’s House,

As I write this final newsletter for the year 2009 I am thinking about all that has transpired over this past year.

We have continued, with great success, our low cost spay/neuter program. This year, to date, we have provided spay/neuter services to 198 cats with another 25 scheduled for a December run! I wish to thank the wonderful staff at the Shenandoah Spay Neuter Clinic, without this wonderful facility our low cost spay/neuter program would not be possible.

Because of current economic events and the subsequent loss of homes for many cats our sanctuary facilities have been stretched to the limit. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Darcy Swope to provide much needed space for these cats.

With our increased population our needs have also increased and your support is needed more than ever. You can support Casey’s House in a variety of ways:

  • Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the enclosed donation form or through our paypal account, a link is on our website, via our donation page.
  • If your Employer participates in the annual Combined Federation Campaign please remember Casey’s House! Our number is 86714
  • "igive" is an online shopping portal that donates a portion of your purchase to Casey’s House if you click on our icon found on our donation page at our website
  • Dec 5 & Dec 12 we will be at the Leesburg Petco for "photos with Santa", 11AM-4PM so come with your pet for a picture with Saint Nick!
  • We are collecting aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 5PM) or any time at our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

We look forward to the upcoming year and know with help from our wonderful supporters that we will be able to continue our low cost spay/neuter program and to provide sanctuary for many of the old and hard to adopt cats in our region.

Together we can make this world a better place for all our feline friends! Thank-you for your support!

Cindy Ingram

Nov 5, 2009  
Dear Friend of Casey's House,  
I am excited to say that we are really rolling on our spay/neuter runs
click here to make a donation to help keep us rolling! We had 19 cats spayed/neutered this past Tuesday and we already have our next run full!  If you need a spot please email me at right away, we can always schedule an extra run!
There is a new link on our website to the 10 Top 10 Lists For Cat Lovers, this is a wonderful resource for cat lovers, it can help you find just about anything you need to know about your feline companion!  It a good book for you and as a present for your fellow cat lover as well!  Did I mention that the holidays are just around the corner?  
We are still working on a aluminum can drive.  We feel this would be a good way to not only help raise funds for Casey's House but also help the environment!  We will be visiting the recycling plant soon to see what exactly would be involved so stay tuned!  
Please remember that you can donate to Casey's House via the United Way!  Our CFC number is 86714!  
Thanks for your Support, together we end the sad consequences of the cat over-population problem!  
Cindy Ingram Founder-Casey's House, Inc.  

October 19, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
I am pleased to say that despite a cold Autumn day we had a wonderful Blessing of the Animals day.  Father Michael blessed close to 30 animals, including a goat!  Our rabies clinic provided protection for 14 dogs and cats thanks to the Dr Frank of Vettrek House Practice and her assistant Mia coming out on a cold windy Saturday!
Please visit our website at as I have recently updated it.  There is now a link to explain who Casey was. (People keep calling me "Casey" assuming that I named the organization after myself!)  There is also a link to Buckley's Story a new book recently published, authored by Ingrid King.  I highly recommend it, it is the story of a cat that Ingrid adopted from Casey's House that like Casey, changed a woman's life. 
As always, we appreciate your support and please do not forget to send pictures of your cats as we will be working on a Casey's House calendar soon!  To donate to our sanctuary or spay/neuter efforts please
click here.  I know that times are tight but please be assured that your donation, no matter the size, will make a difference in a cat's life!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

September 18, 2009

Come Join us at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church for our first annual

Blessing of the Animals (Rain or Shine)

27 Good Shepherd Road

Pine Grove, VA

October 10, 2009


Blessing at 10:30 AM Lunch Served at 11:30 AM Rabies Clinic at 12:30PM (just $10 per shot!) Sponsors include: Good Shepherd Church (Our Centennial is next summer!) Ingrid King (Riki Practitioner and Author) Ruth Burton (Herbal and other Natural Remedies) Casey’s House (We’ll have kittens for adoption!) Various donated items for sell: Art Work, Animal Figurines, and the like. All sponsors have animal or Saint Francis related ware for sell as well.

We have more spots available for more Sponsors!! Call Cindy at

703-220-9965 for more info!

August 18, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey's House,

I was reminded by Isabelle, a faithful supporter of Casey's House, that it has been some time since we have sent an email to our friends.

I assure you that we have been keeping busy at Casey's House and continue our spay/neuter runs twice monthly so please don't forget to tell your friends where they can get low cost spay/neuter services!  In this time of economic difficulty spay/neuter is more vital than ever!  We receive daily calls about cats in crisis either abandoned or owners in financial difficulty looking to place their cats.  Sadly we are absolutely filled to capacity and until we have more adoptions can only ask these people to try their best to wait until an opening comes available for their cat.  We have many of our cats on Petfinder and will be adding more as time allows.  We are at PETCO every Saturday where you can meet our cats, we have many different colors and just as many different personalities. 

One of the litters from Waterloo is proving to be particularly difficult to place.  They are beautiful kittens, three black and white and one calico, but they are not showing well at PETCO.  They DO have personality and love to play but hate being in a cage. (Who can blame them?)  If you are willing to give a kitten time to adapt please consider one of these sweet guys.

We can always use your help and now more so than ever, please consider donating.  Any donation, no matter the amount would be greatly appreciated!  To donate click here.

Thanks for all your support and from the cats of Casey's House a warm and thankful Meow!

Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

June 30, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey's House,

The last few weeks have been ones of sadness and frustration but also satisfaction of a job just about done.  We have, as best as we can tell, one female and one male left to trap at Waterloo.  Sadly both of the older males had to be put to sleep due to injury and sickness.  The kittens are taming down slowly but surely and are getting stronger each day.  My daughter refers to our house as the "kitty day-care center" and it does feel that way!
I have some of the pictures up on our Petfinder website and more are coming.  We have a beautiful long-haired orange male, another tortie, and a siamese mix that will be posted soon!  My camera is sitting here ready to load the pictures but first I have to get some of my client's work done!  We will be taking the 4th off from PETCO but will be back there on the 11th.  Come see some of our wonderful kittens needing homes!

May 15, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
Many of you have heard of the terrible situation in Fredericksburg.  A double wide trailer with 200 cats, seven of them found dead.  This story has hit a particular raw nerve with me as these are the kind of cats that first brought me into the Cat rescue business, the indoor feral.  The saddest part of this story is that after weeks, maybe months of caring for these cats the shelter is going to put them down because they are not adoptable.  And to what end?  So that the district attorney can file a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge on a well intentioned but terribly misguided woman?
There are at least three nursing mothers at the Waterloo feral cat colony.  Thanks to some good advise from my friend Teresa of Cat's Cradle, I now have a plan on how to get the kittens just in time to tame them.  From there I will be a mad-trapping lunatic because I know how quickly a feral colony of 30 or so can grow to 200!  Please help us in any way that you can to nip this cat overpopulation problem at this particular location in the butt! I will be trapping over Memorial weekend.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to Casey's House, Click here to make a donation!  A male cat cost us $45 to neuter and give a rabies shot, a female cost us $60.
We also have some inexpensive building improvements ideas that will help us provide a bit more space for a few more indoor feral cats.  If you have building materials you would like to donate please respond to this email and I will put you in touch with my husband who is spear-heading this project. 
Finally, we need a RV (or trailer) for our new care-taker.  Having one more person dedicated to caring for these precious cats will make all the difference in the world!  Please help in any way that you can to help us make this happen!
As always, thanks for your support and I hope to see you tomorrow!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

Pine Grove Road    Bluemont, VA 
Please join Casey's House, The Village Market, Horse Shoe Benevolent Association. and the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church for a day of fun and activities. Tables will be available at the Village Market and the Church for anyone wishing to sell items. The Good Shepherd Episcopal Church will also sell lunch and baked goods.  For more info call 703-220-9965

April 17, 2009 Dear Friend of Casey’s House,

It is kitten season again! This fact became perfectly clear to me this afternoon when I trapped not one nursing mother cat, but two! To make matters worse, I was told that there was at least one other mother cat in a barn nearby. That’s three (known) litters in one spot at a busy intersection-(Rt 340 and Rt 50). How many will survive? All of them, if Casey’s House has anything to do with it; but we need your help! I already have one mother cat from this colony in a large crate behind my bed! (Willing to foster? Please call 703-220-9965!)

This recession has hit us hard. Your donation, no matter the amount, will help! Tax-deductible donations can be made securely at our website,Click here to make a donation! or it can be mailed to: Casey’s House, Inc, 161 Pine Grove Rd., Bluemont, VA 20135

So, where are the two nursing mothers that I trapped you may ask. I had to let them go! I trapped the mothers on property that I was legally allowed to trap on but the kittens were on another property that I had no legal access to! But I am not giving up that easily! We are working on finding the owners of the other property and hopefully mothers and kittens will be caught together. This is the kind of dilemma those who practice TNR face every day. This is why we need TNR EDUCATION. This is why we are holding a most important TNR workshop May 9th 9AM-2PM at Good Shepherd Church in Pine Grove, VA. Our key speakers will be Teresa Kappes, Master Trapper for Cat’s Cradle; Jody Jones, Animal Control Manager-Richmond, VA; & Michele Welch, Assistant VA Common Wealth Attorney. We will be learning and discussing the basics of TNR and the legal issues involved in the State of Virginia. The next page is our registration form, please sign up today!

Our annual yard sale will be the Saturday after the TNR workshop, May 16th, 9AM-3PM. We will be participating in Pine Grove’s "Rummage Trail" it will be a neighborhood of sales with Good Shepherd Church offering good country cooking for lunch! Please plan on coming!

As always, we thank you for your support and hope that we can count on you to help us continue the fight against cat overpopulation and the quest to find homes for those already here! Sincerely, Cindy Ingram Founder Casey's House, Inc.   ****************************************************************

Casey’s House Inc TNR Sign Up Form

Held at: Good Shepherd Church

27 Good Shepherd Rd

Bluemont, VA 20135 (Pine Grove)

May 9th 9AM-2PM

  How many attendees?_________________________________     Please pick your sandwich: (Circle one) Egg Salad****Tuna****Cheese One or Two Sandwiches?__________________ Please pick your snack: Trail Mix*****Potatoe Chips****Pretzels Please pick your drink: Coke****Sprite****Water A donation of $15 per person is requested to help defer cost.     Attendee Name(S)__________________________________ Contact Address____________________________________ ____________________________________ _____________________________________
Contact Phone____________________________________

Mar 24, 2009

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
We are putting together a professionally published book about the rescued cats of our area.  If you have adopted a rescued cat please send us your story and one of your favorite pictures of your precious feline(s).  We will create a beautiful book for you to enjoy for years to come.
Send pictures and stories to with the subject line "for the book".
We look forward to sharing all the wonderful antics of our wonderful cats!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

Feb 14, 2009 Dear Friend of Casey's House,

So far this year, we have spayed/neutered 34 cats and two dogs; our next spay/neuter date is filling up! Last year (our first year running a spay/neuter transport) we sterilized over 200 cats; we are very proud of this accomplishment but we want to do even better this year. Your donation will help keep this important program running!
Click here to make a donation

Our annual Open House will be observed over two weekends in May. The first will occur May 9th when we hold our first TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) workshop. I am very pleased to say that Teresa Kappes of Cat's Cradle will be providing a good "nuts and bolts" demonstration of how to TNR in YOUR neighborhood. She will be demonstrating trapping techniques and going over the ABCs of TNR. Jody Jones, Manager of Richmond Animal Care and Control, and Michelle Welch, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General of Virginia, will also speak on legal aspects of TNR in Virginia. This workshop is a "must" for those who are involved in TNR (or want to be) in our area! Stay tuned for more details for this important and much needed workshop!!

Secondly, we will be joining Good Shepherd Church in a neighborhood rummage sale hopefully in conjunction with other Pine Grove neighbors. Please watch for details as this exciting (annual?) event develops. We look forward to a long and fruitful "Rummage Trail"; plan on shopping for some real bargains! We still have a lot of nice housewares left over from our fall sale! Good Shepherd will also be selling lunch, and trust me when I say you haven't lived until you've tasted some good Pine Grove home cooking!! As a bonus, we will have our traditional "Open House" during this event, with cat adoptions which will undoubtedly include some cute kittens! Stay turned for the date and time...

Lastly, Casey's House is in much need of traps. If you have one which you are not using please consider giving it as a tax-deductible gift to Casey's House!

As always, thanks for your support and remember.... Together we can fight the serious feline overpopulation problem that leads to so much needless suffering!

Cindy Ingram
Founder-Casey's House, Inc.

Dec 31, 2008

Dear Friend of Casey's House,

As 2008 comes to an end and 2009 begins I want to take  moment to thank you for your support, together we have accomplished much!  We close the year with 70 adoptions; several feral colonies properly spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and maintained with food-water-shelter; and our first spay/neuter run for 2009 almost booked!  (we have 1, possibly two spaces left so send me a line if you need a space!)  This coming Spring we will be sponsoring a TNR workshop so though 2009 has not quite begun, we are already rolling!

If you have not yet made your tax deductible gift to Casey's House you can still do so via paypal at page.html, any gift made before midnight tonight is tax deductible for 2008!

Thanks to a generous donation made by the Skeen Family Foundation we will be able to once again sponsor spay/neuter for feral cats, we will ask for some contribution in order to maintain our funding as long as possible but no cat will be turned away (for as long as the funding lasts)  so keep an eye out for cats in your neighborhood, we are happy to lend out traps!

Thanks again for a great year and I look forward to working with you for the good of the cats in 2009!

Cindy Ingram
Founder-Casey's House, Inc.

December 3, 2008 Dear Friend of Casey’s House,

We are coming to the close of another year. I am pleased to say that our first year running a spay/neuter program has been a resounding success! We have spayed and neuter a little over 200 cats this year and we are still going strong. Eight are scheduled for this week and our next run is in the process of being booked too! We need your help to continue this important work!

With our first year of spay/neuter programs has come a great deal of learning for us. It is for this reason that we have made some changes to our program. We have new age and weight limits for our spay/neuter program: males must be at least 10 weeks and 2.5 pounds and females must be at least 3 months and 3.5 pounds. These restrictions will be strictly adhered to for the safety of our cats.

Our sanctuary cats are doing well but we maintain a full house and sadly have to often turn cats away for lack of space. We need more people willing to foster older cats and people with acreage willing to be caretakers for feral cats. Casey’s House pays for all vet costs for both of these programs. Please call the number noted above or send Cindy an email if you are interested in helping cats in this way!

We have accomplished much but much still needs to be done! A
donation form and return envelope are enclosed; any donation no matter the size would help us care for these wonderful cats! Tractor Supply in Leesburg  has agreed to allow us to put a donation box in their store, donations can be dropped off during store hours. (On or about Dec 12 will we be putting a donation box in the Winchester store as well!)  Our wish list is on the box and all of the items can be purchased at Tractor Supply if you so choose. You can also support Casey’s House in a very fun way; Santa will be at the Leesburg PETCO Dec 6 and Dec 13 for photos with your pets! All proceeds will benefit Casey’s House, as does their "tree of hope".

We wish you and your family very happy holidays and as always, a warm and grateful meow from all the cats at Casey’s House! Sincerely, Cindy Ingram Founder Casey's House, Inc. P.S. We are always looking for volunteers to work at the shelter! Please call Cindy at 703-220-9965 if you are interested in volunteering!

November 18, 2008

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
I can hardly believe that the Holidays are just around the corner!  So much has happened this year, it seems that it has gone by so fast...
We have doubled adoptions, established a handful of small colonies of TNRed cats on and off our property, and have spayed/neutered about 200 cats!  We have been busy this year but we have much more to do!  We can do more with your help!  Please look for our end of the year fundraiser letter ,which will be mailed the first week of December, and your chance to win a two night stay at the reward winning Black Horse Inn in Warrenton, Virginia.  The drawing has been extended to Dec 20, 2008.
There will be changes to our spay/neuter program as well.  It has been determined that the long transport to the clinic can be stressful for our cats.  We are therefore talking to several local vets and will be annoucing the new prices in our end of the year letter.  In the meantime, we have limited spaces available for spay/neuter at a cost of $65 which includes a rabies shot.  Please note that it is the same price for both spay and neuter.  Please click here to make a donation to our spay neuer program, your help is much needed!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House, Inc.

October 22, 2008
Dear Friend of Casey's House,
Calls for help for abandoned cats have greatly increased in these economically troubled times.  Donations have decreased, this is not a good combination.  We need your help to continue in our mission to provide homes for these precious cats and to fight the overpopulation problem through low cost spay/neuter services.  Casey's House has sterilized over 175 cats in 2008 and we will break 200 before the year is done.  Click here to make a donation to help us continue this important work!
Casey's House thanks the Estate of Rosalee (Foxy) Adams who has generously donated several car loads of Christmas decorations (Ornaments, indoor and outdoor), artwork, furnishings, dolls, kitchen ware, and other household items-all either new in the box or very gently used.  Rosalee loved cats and cared for many feral cats behind the hotel she owned in Winchester, VA.  She could be seen pushing a cart full of cat food through the isles of Petsmart just about every Sunday.  Casey's House honors her memory and proceeds from the sales of these items will be used for the cats in the care of Casey's House.  Click here for information about this sale which will be held in Berryville Oct 25 or, in the case of rain, Nov 1st.
As always, we thank you for your support and from all the cats at Casey's House, a warm and thankful meow!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House, Inc.

September 12, 2008
Give to Casey's House through  "IGive", a portion of your online purchase will be donated to Casey's House!  Many popular online stores participate!  A link is on our "donation page "!
Vote for your favorite candidate!  Zachary the RePUPlican or Sammy theDemoCAT!  Their platforms are attached to this email as well as a mail-in ballot!  These will be added to our website as well some time next week.
We are still giving raffle tickets for a two night stay at the reward winning Black Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Warrenton, VA!
Raffles are given for a donation of $40 or more.

August 18, 2008

Give to Casey’s House through United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley!

Our CFC# is 86714


Join us Aug 30th 8 AM-2 PM at the

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

27 Good Shepherd Rd

Bluemont, VA 20135 (Pine Grove)

We will have two tables at their flea market

and cats/kittens for adoption!

Orange Long Hair Female (She is gorgeous!!)

Her Kittens: 3 orange and 1 dilute calico all cute as a button!

Many black cats that need good homes, all VERY sweet and good family pets!

Depending on adoptions before, we may have some gray cats and other colors.

All will have been sterilized, initial shots, dewormed, and combo tested.

Applications can be submitted at any time via or fax 866-220-7375

August 8, 2008

Dear Friend of Casey's House,
I have been dazzled by the response to our spay/neuter program.  We have already topped 100 spay/neuters and look forward to breaking 200 by the end of the year!  That is 200 cats not breeding and slowly but surely we will break the endless cycle of thousands of kittens each year needing homes, with not enough homes for them.
Though our spay/neuter program is going well, donations are still needed!  We still need to care for the cats at our sanctuary, most of which are not adoptable.  Please consider a monthly donation, $20 a month from every friend of Casey's House could go a long way!  I am learning how to make our dollars stretch but we can only stretch a dollar so far!  I am attaching a donation form to this email, we can also take secure donations at our website through paypal.  Our website is
We are in particular need of volunteers at the shelter during the week for the month of August.  Even one day would be very helpful.  Our regular volunteers are having personal financial difficulties due to the loss of a job, they are throwing newspapers to a route they are just learning each morning Mon-Sat, taking care of the cats at the shelter, and then getting to their other jobs.  Needless to say they aren't getting much sleep!  This is a temporary situation, one that they expect to be resolved by month's end, so please; if you have a free morning, please think about spending it with some wonderful cats!  Arrangements can be made by calling our main number at 703-220-9965.
One last request, we need a grant writer!  We now have a wonderful database that we can use to show exactly how many spay/neuters we have done but I am hard-pressed to find the time to pursue this very important avenue of fund raising.  This can be done from your home as I can email the information to you. 
As always, thanks for your support and from the cats of Casey's House a warm and thankful "Meow"!
Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

July 16, 2008
Dear Friend of Casey's House,

We have been very busy at Casey's House averaging 13 cats every other week for spay/neuter.  Perhaps some of you have seen the article in the June 26th edition of the Clarke Times Courier highlighting our efforts to promote spay and neuter in our region. 

I would like to thank Animal Promise League which whom we make our bi-weekly trip to the spay/neuter clinic; Walker and Clarke Builders, Inc and Garden's of Delight located near the intersection of Rt 9 and Rt 7 who allows us to use their property as a meeting place for our spay/neuter trips; 
Megan Salzman Medica and John Kevin Medica whose generous donation has allowed us to not only continue our spay and neuter program but to also provide vet care for the old and hard to adopt cats in our shelter; and I would like to thank my very good friend, Lynn Pirozzoli, who has donated a two night stay at her award winning Bed and Breakfast-details on how one can purchase a chance for this weekend get-away is enclosed in the attached flyer! (Contest runs through Dec 6 so please let me know if you would like to help us get the word out on this!)

I would lastly like to thank all of you who regularly support Casey's House through your donations, labor, and prayers!  We truly appreciate ALL of our many supporters!!!

Thank-you and I look forward to continued success for the cats!

Cindy Ingram
Casey's House

June 3, 2008 Dear Friend of Casey’s House, I am happy to say that our open house was an outstanding success for adoptions, we found homes for seven kittens that day!  Unfortunately the Department of Transportation also chose that day to pave Rt 7 and so our garage sale was not quite the success we had hoped.   I am grateful to our regular supporters, many of which send monthly contributions.  All contributions, no matter the amount, help keep us going in our ongoing mission to provide sanctuary for the old and hard to adopt cat and our relatively new mission to spay and neuter to, as one of my volunteers likes to say, "stop the problem at it's source".  We are quickly filling up our June spots so if you need spay or neuter services please call me at 703-220-9965 as soon as possible!  To make a donation to help us advance our cause please visit our website at Casey's House, Inc (  Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Hook-a special needs kitten.  If you look at her picture, which is attached, you will not see how she is special needs.  In fact, you pretty much have to watch her a while or pick her up to see how special she is as she hides her deformed front leg well!  She appears to be the victim of interbreeding as one of her front legs has no paw, just a single claw growing from a stump.  Hook does not let this get her down one iota!  I have been absolutely amazed at how she manages to find a way to the upper level of her room, the small ledges that surround her room, and even to the top of a cat tree!  This little girl is truly one of a kind and I am looking for an adopter that can appreciate just how special she truly is!  She will be going to the spay/neuter clinic on the 10th of June so put in an application for her adoption now!  Adoption applications can be downloaded from our petfinder website which can be accessed from our website Casey's House, Inc or call me at 703-220-9965.  Click here to view the picture of Hook! As always, I thank you for your support and together we can help solve the cat overpopulation problem and provide a home for the old and hard to adopt cats in our region! Sincerely, Cindy Ingram

May 9, 2008 Dear Friend of Casey’s House, On March 7th, we began working with Animal Promise League for our spay and neutering of our feline friends. To date we have spay or neutered 35 cats at their clinic, in addition to 8 earlier in the year through Spay Today, another good low cost program. We will be sterilizing our first batch of kittens and their mother on May 7th, along with more feral cats from Clarke County; we aim to keep busy this year! It has been an educational experience working at the spay/neuter clinic, helping with sterilizing instruments, cleaning ears after surgery, and watching cats as they awake from the anesthesia.

We need your help in order to continue doing all the good things we want to do for the cats of our region. We need your contributions to pay for more spay and neuters, and we need your contributions to pay for day to day expenses for the old and hard-to-adopt cats that call Casey’s House their home. The enclosed donation form will allow you to specify which fund you wish to donate to.

Our annual open house will be held on May 17th . We already have a good start to our yard sale, but we need more donations! We accept household goods, electronics, and anything sellable in good condition! We will be showing our kittens and their mothers as well as taking applications for adoption. If you are interested in adoption (we have many wonderful adult cats needing good homes, as well as kittens!), please look at our website for a complete listing.

The last thing I will ask of you is to keep your eyes open for free roaming cats in your neighborhood. We go to the spay/neuter clinic twice a month. The special neuter clinic has been canceled due to one of the vets being ill. We will, however, be going to the clinic for our regular trip the week of the 18th and will set aside 6 spots for neuter at the $20 price, Casey’s House will cover the remaining $20 cost. We will work with cat owners and cat care-givers throughout the cat heat season, helping to cover the cost of both spays and neuters as needed. Please
see our flyer which is enclosed for more detail. Sincerely, Cindy Ingram Treasurer/Founder Casey's House, Inc. P.S. We are always looking for volunteers to work at the shelter! Please call Cindy at 703-220-9965 if you are interested in volunteering!
April 1, 2008 Dear Friends, I am happy to say that Casey's House has received some funding for spay/neuter.  Thanks to the generosity of Loudoun Animal Protection Society we will be able to spay/neuter many more cats this year!  We are seeking to use it for both indoor domestic colonies and outdoor feral colonies.  We will be asking for caretakers to help with the trapping or gathering of cats and we will ask for a donation of $20 per cat.  Please pass our information along to persons needing this service!  We go to the spay/neuter clinic about twice a month. Please keep tuned as kitten season is here and our May fund raiser is just around the corner.  Please save your garage sale items for our May 17th garage sale!  Don't forget about the neuterthon (organized by Animal Promise League) also in May, keep an eye out for free roaming friendly male cats!  Ask the owners if they can go to Casey's House on May 17th to be neutered the following day, cost again is only $20! Rabies is included with every sterilization!!

March 12, 2008

Dear Friends,

I need to correct a misstatement which I made in my previous blog.  It is with the help of Promise Animal League, Inc that Casey's House will be able to spay/neuter many more cats this year.  Promise Animal League s/n 547 cats in 2007!  They also run a food bank which supplies food to many of the local shelters in our area, they keep busy taking care of our precious animals!  Thanks Promise Animal League!!!!  

Casey's House is hoping to help Promise Animal League top their 2007 s/n number big time!  As part of our efforts we would like to participate in their neuter clinic for friendly male cats on May 18th.  We will be asking $20 for each cat to cover the neuter, a rabies shot, and transportation.  Please keep an eye out for male cats in your neighborhood, try to find out who the owner is and see if they will let you bring them to Casey's House on the eve of May 17th for the neuter clinic.  We will be sending out detailed instructions next month.  Keep tuned!!

March 7, 2008

The farm kitties are finally getting well!  I will be taking Leah (Shy but sweet brown tabby) to PETCO on Saturday!  Sunshine(Friendly and playful orange tabby) will be at PETCO soon after, need to fatten him up a bit first!  Babe, a one eyed playful orange tabby, will be put up for adoption soon as well.  If you have a heart for a special needs kitty please keep her in mind!!

Our anniversary is right around the corner, we will be picking a date at our Board meeting tomorrow.  Please start thinking about what you might be able to donate for the sale, let's make this anniversary the best one ever!  We will be doing an arts and crafts for the kids, breakfast for the garage sale crowd, and who knows....
Keep your eye out for updates!

Casey's House is working on a feral colony in Warren County and we are pleased to announce that we are working with Pets Limited for our Spay/Neuter.  This is an awesome group that provides spay/neuter services to other Rescue Groups for a phenomenal price!  We will  be working on the Warren County colony for a month or so but will spay/neuter throughout the spring, summer, and fall!  Each trip we make to Pets Limited will include at the very least one Clarke County cat here on out until Clarke is fully speutered!  Hey, why not shoot for the moon? ;-)

One last note, we are looking for a volunteer to take on a special project.  We would like for someone to help us build a master cat list in a data base that would include a picture of each cat, shot records, and other miscl information.  I have a digital camera for pictures and our list from the vet-now we need a good picture taker and data base person!  Please
email me if you are interested!

Until Next Time,
Casey's House, Inc.

February 5, 2008

Dear Friend of Casey's House,

As you may know, I have undergone some testing recently and am happy to say that my worse fear has been relieved; I do not have breast cancer.  I have another test scheduled for next week but I am confident that it too will prove me to be of good health.  The worse case scenario for this other is not so bad, I have know woman who have undergone the surgery and am quite sure that I too would recover quickly.

Through this experience I have come to realize that Casey's House's greatest need is not just more funding but also for more volunteers.  We badly need at least 5 more, ones that can work during the week in the morning.  If you are available please let me know!  If you know of someone please send them our way.  The time can be as early as 6:30 AM or as late as 9:00 AM.

My last plea in this entry will be for someone to pick up where I had to leave in regards to the Berryville Farm cats.  These are the ones that are on a farm on which several horses were starved.  More details can be found on our website
Casey's House, Inc.  I was able to rescue 11, there are 6-7 left.  I have adopted out 4 of the cats to good homes, 2 are in my outdoor enclosure waiting a spring release, 1 is in my home as I am trying to socialize her as she is timid but not in the least bit aggressive even when held, and 4 I am still trying to get well enough to adopt out.  I have had three of these since Christmas and one for about 3 weeks. After countless rounds of antibiotics, lysine, humidifier, antihasimises, and so on and so forth I have gotten their nasal drainage from green to clear but so far it won't completely go away.  They are starting to eat more and gain weight but I can't adopt them out until I get them completely clear.  This is why I cannot take more from this farm.  I just don't know what I will get, friendly cat or feral cat-healthy cat or sick cat and I can't risk taking up the few isolation spaces I have left.  If you are willing and able to take even one or two from this farm please let me know and I will put you in contact with the owners.  You may need to act fast as these cats may have to be removed by animal control.

Thanks for listening and please stay tuned.  We will update our "blog" on our website periodically as well as sending out email blasts.  Please let me know if you wish to be removed from my list.

Many Thanks,
Tresurer/Founder, Casey's House
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January 8, 2008

We now have four cats left from the farm that we will be taking to PETCO for adoption.  Leah, Sunshine, Babe, & Tiny Tim.  Leah and Tiny Tim can both be found on our
petfinder site. Sunshine and Babe are both orange tabbys, very sweet and very lovable.  Sunshine has struggled to completely heal from an upper respiratory infection but I believe that we have finally conquered it!  Babe came to us with one eye removed, apparently she had an infection in it and it had to be operated on.  I am hopeful that these two as well as Leah and Tiny Tim will find good homes soon!

I caught the first feral cat, Jack, just before Christmas and he is now fixed and readjusting in our outdoor enclosure.   Precious and Tammy just arrived yesterday.  Tammy will be spayed this Friday, I am working with Precious as she has a mild upper respiratory infection but she will be spayed in the next week or so.

I have a person helping me trap next weekend and so I am hopeful that we can complete this job by the end of January.  We still need your help not only with these cats but also for the countless other feral cats that need to be caught and sterilized and watched over.  There are just so many cats that need our help!   
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Dec 19, 2007

Thanks to continued support we will be able to pick up three more cats from the farm this week.  We will be bringing three of the cats to PETCO this coming Saturday: Carl, Peter and Tiny Tim.  We really need to find homes for these guys!  Their pictures and bios can be found at our
petfinder site .  Please come see these precious guys this Saturday at the Lees burg PETCO!

After talking to the owner of this property, it appears that one sick kitten and true ferals (maybe 10) remain.  I will be picking up the sick kitten today and leaving the owner with a cage and trap to get one of the "true cats" as she calls them.  These guys will need to go directly to a vet to be sterilized.  Cash flow will become very important now, please help with your donation today!  
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Dec 14, 2007

Thanks to several generous donations we have raised enough funds to save four more felines.  So far, all are friendly and adoptable and so you will be able to see them at the Leesburg PETCO in the next coming weeks.  In fact, Carl-a wonderfully sweet tabby kitten will be there tomorrow!  Please help us save more cats from this property!

Click here to read the Washington Post Story   

Dec 5, 2007
Dear Friend of Casey's House,

When I went to the shelter last week I discovered that there were nine cats seized.  Five had to be humanely euthanized because they were ill and resources were not available to make them well. Casey's House took the four youngest and they are doing wonderfully.  Donnie, a two year old gray tabby neutered male is very laid back and a sweet little boy!  Carl, a 4-5 month old male kitten is getting very active and loves to play, he also is very sweet!  Sunshine, a 6 month old male kitten is a bit shy but very friendly and loves to be petted-I suspect that he will start becoming more playful soon!  Leah, an older female kitten is still quite skittish but we are working with her and have good hope that she will come around soon.  All cats are healing well and so we are scheduling the kitten's sterilization surgeries for next week.  Please consider opening your homes to one of these wonderful cats, they've been through so much-they deserve to be able to spend the rest of their lives in a nice warm home with plenty to eat-always!

We have discovered another problem and that is that there are about 15 more cats on this property that must, by court decree, be removed.  I have talked to the owners of the property and to the local animal control and I have been given until Jan 31, 2008 to complete this task.  Some of these cats are friendly, same may be tamable, about half are feral and will need to be relocated.  

This brings the total of cats needing sterilization and perhaps additional medical care waiting on our list to 35!  We need your help!  Please help us start to get control of the outdoor cat population through sterilization and carefully monitored colonies in our area.  We need your help today!

Cindy Ingram
Treasurer-Casey's House, Inc.        
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